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Designplus365 work speaks itself and makes easier your graphic design through creative ideas,
invention & out-and-out determination. We work with dedication to deliver reliable and custom madebr
services in business intelligence from end to end analytics tools and measurement agendas to get
the most out of the return on each penny you pay out for your business.


Designplus365 is a graphic design company bringing future which is already just around the corner – and will distribute it in the market fairly, by means of technology and business strategies your business needs the most in the digital age.


Our story began with a simple thought: “Reformation needs to be part of our
culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t succeed
in reaching them, we’re in misfortune.” We needed one brand that we could go
to for trusted products and information. And when we couldn’t find what we
were on the lookout for — and realized we weren’t without help — the idea for
designplus365 was brought forth.
With rich affluence of experience in the digital world, Designplus365 can provide a solution to any of your business’s graphic issues. We are more than capable of providing a professional and quality service.





Designplus365 was founded in 1999 by Hafiz as a full service, integrated and official graphic design firm, offering services to individuals and businesses. Depending upon the individual needs and challenges of each sector we serve, I have articulated My services such that we are able to help our clients excel in their niche. This way, I deliver not just a service but value and experience to our clients.

Md. Md.Hafizur Rahman (Hafiz)

Hafiz is a creative designer and have great knowledge of Photoshop editing amazon product images deisgn, Brand Design and Screenprint color sepration, and vector. He loves to bring creativity in the work and always produce best quality designs. He possesses strong command on latest tools and techniques which unleash beautiful art concept for our client around the world.
Sr. Graphic Designer

I am located in Dhaka,

Welcome to the most trustworthy Graphic design. We are located in the fifth-most-populous city in the world, Dhaka. The mini-Bangladesh and home to numerous ethnic and language groups with the incorporation of distinct cosmopolitan and urban populace, interesting architecture, shoppers’ paradise, and the epitome of resilience. Dhaka is known to be the monetary and financial resources of Bangladesh and the hub of entrepreneurship where Busness cannot fail.